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The Parent's Advisory Councils (PAC) located in many of the schools in the Rolling River School Division support, promote, and enhance meaningful involvement and participation of parents in order to promote the education and well-being of children in Manitoba. Every school in Manitoba has the right to a Parent's Advisory Council and Rolling River School Division's Councils strive to meet the expectations of the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC). For more information on MAPC and each school's PAC groups, please visit and each school's website, respectively.

LOGIN for checking grades in POWER SCHOOL

Please contact the MCI office (204-867-2794) if you do not have the information required to login to Power School.

ACCIDENT INSURANCE : Accident insurance is available at a reasonable cost. Application forms will be available at the beginning of each school year. Students participating in athletic activities or other school related activities are strongly urged to have adequate insurance coverage.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS : If you move during the school year, please inform the MCI office (204-867-2794) of your correct address immediately. Changes to your phone number or emergency number should also be reported.

STUDENT ABSENCES : If your son/daughter will be absent from school please notify the MCI office (204-867-2794) in advance. Although Grade 11 and 12 students may have sign-out privileges, these only apply to study periods, not regularly scheduled classes.