Minnedosa Collegiate Foundation

The Minnedosa Collegiate Foundation (a youth in philanthropy project) is a group of grade 9-12 students from Minnedosa Collegiate plus representatives of MCI staff and the Minnedosa & District Foundation. The Minnedosa Collegiate Foundation has met four times since it’s inception in December and will continue to set meetings in order to complete the process of reviewing grant applications. When asked why they chose to join the group, the students stated that connecting with their community and leaving a legacy for the future are important values.

The group is planning to grant funds to projects close to their hearts and the wider community. 

This newly formed foundation was inspired by an ongoing partnership between the Thomas Sill Foundation and the Minnedosa & District Foundation. These two groups are providing the funds to award grants for the first six years. The Minnedosa Collegiate Foundation will be growing the endowment fund through donations and fundraising. Specifically the group will be contacting MCI alumni to offer help with upcoming graduating class reunions in exchange for donations.